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How to get out of a rut fast


10 min read

A warm and cozy bed is escapable.In this post I am gonna show you how you can beat your rut monster and feel motivated Also how can little things make your life a little easier.

  1. Realise rut monster is out
  2. Dont be hard on your self
  3. Find your monster
  4. Get rid of rut monster
Realise rut monster is out

We have been through a lot of days that are just overwhelmingly exhausting and it's one of the days that are not yours. Where you didn't want to do anything and be inside the blanket and stare at the walls for hours, play games till your head and eye pains. It's very hard to find a way not to feel that way but it's here, it's reality.

Couple of years back this high school Devasish was confused like you and always looking for ways to get past rut. I have been working hard for it and watched and read numerous youTube videos and articles on it. These 3-4 days were tough to live. I feel exhausted but there's too much energy in my body, it sucks I know.

Most of it says get up and run down through it. It didn't help much at all. So I decided I have to know how to just take care of myself and find a way for these sad/gloomy/blue?rut days where everything feels dull and pale.

So how to know it one of those days?? And if we can't know our enemy how can we fight it? It's one of you the days where you just feel it.
Oh, snap, why I am here all day? Shouldn't I be studying? Why can't I just move from here? I hate me it's all nothing should be happening? am I crazy? I am a bad person?..okay stop right there you are just a human having this feeling. You are not a bad person.

See the first step is done!
Cool right?

Keep cool and don't be hard on yourself

Don't get hard on yourself because you are not the monster,you are struck in a rut. You may be struck in this for hours,days,weeks,months or even years.I am uncertain when it will go away.Like everything this too shall pass. You gonna get better and get rid of it someday even without my reading my article.

I been there and I know this is frustating and you get down but hey we fall so that we can get up,get better than previous version .It feels like its gonna happen .

I too get back into the same pit but i get up and work on my life to make it better.


Find your monster

So where the monster lives??? under your bed? inside your blanket?
Now that I realised I am struck with rut monster I wanna know where it came from.I observe myself when I go off tracks .My monster is literally hiding under bed ,in instagram scrolling,if I dont have physical activity in a row, binge eating junk foods .This is my monster.Over years I conclude what makes the worst in me is being stationary, alone and anxious.this is my rut monster.

I enjoy the alone time but at a certain point, I need some human interaction. It can be playing with a neighbour's dog or calling my uncle to just check-in.Some people even can live without human interaction but lets not get into that right now.

So you finally found out your rut monster and its time to get rid of that.

Get rid of rut monster

Get up,change your clothes, wear a jogger, drink half a litre of water,open the door and spend some time in the sunlight!

Physical activity releases a pool of endomorphin in your body and it acts the similar way morphine does by making your mind positive. Or hitthe gym.It's human nature to live in their comfort zone and I am amazed how it is related to Physical life, isn't it?

My rut monster lives under my bed and I ain't gonna go near that spot for the rest of the day.Why give him chance to attack you at your base i.e your house?

Start having a weekly or fortnight journal. It will be amazing if you have a daily journal.I hated it when I started. since childhood it's been on and off for a while. The previous year I started off writing down my thought weekly once or twice in my phone or diary. I came across those and it gave an insight into what and how those weeks i spent which let me identify my rut monster and gave me a clear perspective in life.

So did we evacuate that ugly monster??
Hmnn yeah for now but how about keeping him stay away from life?

Hey, I know these days are inevitable and it sucks to struck with.

You again struck?
But well now you have the formula to get past this!you got out of it back then and this time too you will.

So you already know the situation here. Woah I just spent 12 hours in bed or hell yeah I spent my whole 4 hours in video games or it'sraining you are not talking to anybody. See there it is the invitation for the monster but you know how to fight right?

If you planning to take all things down in one day I must say you are determined and hardworking but it's exhausting.Take it one day at a time. You fought the monster and you can again tomorrow I know but I guess you have a lot of works to then fight off every day. I mark my days in the calendar to fight off these monsters a week before.

Things to avoid if you struck in rut.

  • starting a new TV show
  • lay down anywhere
  • open up Instagram for scrolling
  • play video games
  • stay inside
  • stay inside your head(instead talk to any human)
Staying inside your head can be good but at such crisis our brain tends to get a negative impact on ourselves.So talk to a friend or a human!
So finally you know how to get past these days and congratulations. I know you can. You just need to figure out your monster and fight with it. Within no time this monster gonna turn into a cute hamster sized.Can this small cute creature then hurt you?

Things to do if you struck in rut

  • light heavy
  • go for run around
  • call someone 
  • eat healthily
  • walk alone outside
  • walk with your friend
  • walk outside and make a friend dog or human
  • read a book
  • cook, bake, eat
  • call a family member and check-in


  1. identify rut
  2. get out of the rust by beating rut monster
  3. plan the next day to avoid your rut trigger
So go kill that rut monster and be awesome because you are AWESOME.


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