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Get more than just Motivation


8 min read

Motivation-A Myth

Motivation lives something that we all heard and grew up with telling our friends and families that I am not motivated to do that or this.

Motivation is temporary. It is quick.
If you feel edgy or don't feel like doing what you are supposed to do, we've all stood down there! you are not alone in this.The more I think about it the clearer it got that motivation is only temporary.

If I just sit on my couch waiting for some magical inspiration moment in life then trust me I have been sitting on the couch .why do I write this article or maintain a blog when there's no motivation?!

Discipline a 10-letter word only?

Discipline is something we all read about and heard from our favourite teachers to be in discipline. Discipline according to google is "the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour".

So how does to obey rules or behaviour linked with word line discipline? We need to add another word "consistency".Rules are not made for you, it's you who make your rules, but do follow the rules set by the government or else you will be in trouble for sure! These rules will be there by your side on your behaviour to things in life. With consistency, this trio will sort out all things for you.

Consistency is not limited to academics or training only. it is something which we develop in a certain field, obviously which we choose, specifically for me it's my med books, my calorie intake and many others. I found this quote by James Clear "I accumulated small but consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started"

How small daily task lead to consistent habits and truly it will ultimately lead the way you paved for it. Maintaining a journal may help to get through your progress over time. But trust me if you sit in the corner waiting for a magical moment, it's just not a waste of time which you could have utilized to get maximum output for the day.

If you are suffering from a rut check out this article.

Don't wait, Act

Believe me, you don't want to regret just because you didn't work harder due to no motivation. You make the rule, you take the decisions for yourself, and you maintain consistency, why don't we make our motivation?

For me motivation is gaining something new every day that  don't know, this knowledge is something worth my time to spend for. Maybe if you don't find motivation go for a run or press some benches.

Time stops for none. If you like really wanna get successful you need to count your output by the end of the day.I go to classes at 8 and come back by 4-5, I am too tired because I attended classes I wanna eat something and rest or recharge for the next day because I spent half of the day. How much time did you spend on yourself?

It is not complicated

I agree we can't always have time to make plans or act on our plans accordingly due to reasons but these are mere reasons or explanations for the work which should be done by you but not done. In long run, this will only get accumulated. How to be saved from this?

Before sleeping or you can do anytime for me it's before I sleep to plan down the next day or note it down in your day planner or calendar or journal anything it could be. The next step is to divide it into small segments and distributed it evenly throughout the day which also includes eating healthy and physical exercise.


1.realise you need more than just motivation
2.find discipline and consistency your best friends
3.dont wait, act is not complicated.

Now you are all up and ready to pave your ways into life.


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