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Moving On

 Moving forward in life

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"Move on" yeah heard many times from my pals but never comprehended what it is.

Move on doesn't mean blocking or ghosting someone and also it definitely doesn't mean erasing pictures or contact numbers.Somewhere it helps to remain at a safe degree so that you won't get hurt or begins to get any heavy feelings.

However, Things are different and can't tell by looking up to someone if he or she has been going through a rough patch.

It's your life, it is controlled by you, not by the person whom you loved. You should be making decisions on your own and not because someone says it. At first, it will appear to be tough but hey buddy you got this okay. I won't say it happens with all because it's not, it's yours. It happened to you. So you better cease comparing you with others and focus on self.

Google got many sites that tell you what to do and what to not so I will better leave it to yourself.

Moving on means moving forward to a direction where you learn something new and improve yourself. Maybe you gonna repeat but hey time is wiser , you gonna be the promising version of your preceding self. Past is past it stays within us a story we tell ourselves, so we know what we are. Life is much more than holding into things that are not in the same way as the first time. 

I will ask you to pay attention to yourself.Be strong because you can.

"Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you." ~Tyrion Lannister,Game of Thrones.

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